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  • Published: Mar 6th, 2012
  • Category: Design, iOS

Design : Killer App Icons

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I have created a Pinterest pinboard of Killer iPhone App Icons. A killer icon is a pre requisite to get noticed in the very crowded app store. This is a collection of icons that really stand out for me, and I hope that by curating a colelction of them I can start to see some trends in what really makes the killer icon.

Check out my Pinterest Killer App Icons board!


Game Concepting: Monster Trucks and Zombies

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I love making games, and at any one time I have a few under development, some coded by me, some outsourced. I have been building games for web ( and recently mobile ) for a number of years now, and want to share the development process that I use to take the game from concept all the way through to production and release.

So this post will look at the first part. Concepting.

I have an idea for an iPhone game, it involves Zombies and Monster Trucks, for some reason those two things together really resonate with me. I have a few ideas for gameplay mechanics and how it might work, but nothing concrete yet.

My first stage is to create a mindmap of the game. I use this to throw down all my ideas, then I start to hone and iterate it into what I think would make a fun game.

I find mindmaps really powerful at this stage, as they are fast to use, and allow me a quick overview of all parts of the game process.

Below is my iterated mindmap of my game involving Monster Trucks and Zombies, and this will be the basis for the next stage in my game development process – creating a Game Definition Document.