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Happy New Year

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Happy new year. One of my new years resolutions: Keep an updated blog. So here it is. My previous site last had a content update in 2007. Slack is probably quite an understatement as to the updating frequency.

So it was time for an overhaul, a move to wordpress, a simple clean theme, a smart set of categories, and content that reflects work, lifestyle and inspiration as relevant to me now.

I hope to use this blog to share ideas, processes, stories, photos, tips and tricks that I use in a professional and a personal context.

The first step was to come up with a set of useful categories that reflect areas of interest ( and knowledge) for this I used one of my favourite tool – Mindmapping ( more on this in a future post )

Below then is the first pass at how I see this blog organised, as a mindmap, an at a glance representation of professional and personal categories of interest. My goal this year, 2012, is to get at least 1 post in each of them! If not more. I can but try.


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